Men’s Leatherneck Basketball is Standing Tall

Basketball season is my favorite sports season. Although I am a huge NBA fan, I always keep up with and attend Western Men’s Basketball games. Being about a month into the season, there is plenty of time for them to continue to conquer. I had an opportunity to discuss the beginning of the season with Associate Head Coach Wade Hokenson.

“They’re a young, good group of guys working really hard…they’re coming along,” Coach Hokenson said of the team. And working hard they are. Already they have played seven games, with a record of 3-4. The record is not as good as it could be but the men are working toward making that record better. There is plenty of time in the season for improvement.

Many including myself were really looking forward to the game against our rivals, Eastern Illinois University. “At the Eastern Illinois game, a big crowd always helps,” explained Coach Hokenson. This game usually does bring out many WIU and EIU fans due to the rivalry and competition…and it sure did on Wednesday when Western defeated EIU 60-32.

Having five returning players and six new players gives the team a good mix of experience and youth; it’s the best of both worlds. “Their chemistry on and off the court has been really good,” said Coach Hokenson. Chemistry on the court will continue to help the men grow, build, and continue to win games.

As with most coaches and teams, there are goals in place. “Our goal is to get better every day, focus on the process and the end result will take care of itself,” Coach Hokenson said. That is a great way to put things into perspective; that thought process can be applied to more than basketball…it can be applied to life.

Leatherneck basketball appreciates all of the support from WIU alumni, students, staff, friends, etc. If you would like to support them, purchase tickets to games or just find out a score every now and again, you can find this information at There is also a game tomorrow at 7pm in Western Hall against Grace Bible College! Let’s cheer on our Leathernecks!


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