Life with the Lady Leathernecks


Western’s Women’s Basketball season officially started on Friday November 8th. In less than a month, the ladies have gained some ground and are making great strides forward. Since then, the team has gone 3-2. This good start will hopefully build into a history-making season.

This week, I attended my first game of the season and I must say, I was impressed. The women play with aggression and passion. Head Coach JD Gravina is feeling good about the team and where they’re heading. I even took some cool pictures to share with you!

The team has a lot of returning players this year, which helps with the team’s chemistry. Four of the current starters are returning from last season. “The overall chemistry is really good; they all respect and really get along well on and off the court,” Coach Gravina said. Having good chemistry on the court not only helps the team win, but it shows a sense a uniformity which is very clear when watching the women play.

Since the season is still young, it’s very appropriate to have goals in place. “We want to focus on our process and day to day and gain more wins than losses for the season and make it to any of the post-season tournaments,” Coach Gravina shared. The goals for the team are very attainable and realistic. With their hard work and dedication, they are sure to make it far this season.

“We won our home opener, shot the ball well, shared the ball well, and built on momentum,” Coach Gravina explained. Building on momentum seems to be the key for the team. They are fired up with no signs of slowing down.

Their games have been intense this season. Coach Gravina describes the most memorable win of the season thus far. “It was the end of the UAB (Texas A&M University) game in Texas with 2 minutes left. They (the opposing team) were 7 points up and with two minutes left we hit three threes and won the game…they (Western’s team) were having so much fun,” he said. That sure sounds like a game full of high energy!

All are welcome to attend their games…the more the merrier, I say. To keep up with WIU’s Women’s basketball team and how the season is progressing or to find their schedule and ticket information, visit Stay tuned…I will be speaking with the Men’s Basketball Coach after the Thanksgiving break. Go ‘Necks!  Image


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