Maze Craze

The annual Haunted Corn Maze is now open. The Horn Field Campus has become infamous for its corn maze as well as the Haunted Corn Maze which runs throughout October in honor of Halloween. President of the Horn Environmental Learning Project, Allen Rudicil, stopped by the Alumni House to give me some more information on the event.

The Corn Maze is located on the Horn Field Campus which is just south of Macomb. The event has been running since September 27th, and will continue through October 31st. Traffic at the corn maze has been steady. Rudicil said it’s, “Great, we have 70 to 102 people go through on nights we’re open.” The maze can take anywhere from five minutes to an hour to navigate through.

The Haunted Corn Maze is an interesting experience. You wander through the maze while being scared by “scarers” or “haunters.” When it’s not Halloween, these dedicated workers are WIU students who are a part of the Horn Environmental Learning Project or more easily put the H.E.L.P. group. This group is comprised of students who take an interest in helping not only with the Horn Field Campus but also with other environmental events throughout campus and the Macomb community.

This year, the Marines symbol has been etched in the corn, tying into the University.  Every year, the theme is picked by a student involved with the organization. This year’s maze design was picked by intern John Moninger. Once the design is picked, it is mapped out during the summer. During the fall, the footwork begins. Paths are marked, animals are removed, and corn is mowed down.  “This year the corn is a lot taller, and thicker, which is better for scaring,” explained Rudicil. The taller and thicker the corn, the harder it is to see at night, which adds to the thrill and suspense.

For tomorrow night (Halloween), the maze will be decorated with numerous scenes including a graveyard. “There is always way more traffic to the maze on Halloween, and safety is our number one priority…students seem to want to do something interesting,” said Rudicil. Many can’t imagine Halloween without being scared straight. This project is much anticipated and is being heavily promoted throughout campus to keep interest sparked!

The Haunted Corn Maze is a fun and safe way to spend Halloween at WIU, especially since the tickets are so affordable. It’s only $5.00 to enter. Refreshments will be served and the maze will be open from 8p.m. to 11p.m. I have my Halloween plans now, what are yours?


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