Hello Homecoming

In my opinion Homecoming Week is the best part of first semester. Homecoming Week not only brings out the inner school spirit of everyone on campus, but creates excitement through all of the WIU sponsored activities. Not only is there always something to do, but many people from all over come to visit the campus for the special weekend. Homecoming brings a breath of fresh air to Macomb and WIU.

One of my personal favorite activities is the Variety Show. You never know exactly what to expect; there may be comics, singers, or dancers. This year’s show happened to showcase all three and even more. The show took place at Western Hall and featured guest host and comic Jay Black. “I can’t believe how much talent your college has!” stated Black. Fortunately the event is just one of the many more activities planned for this week. Other annual events such as “Yell Like Hell”, “Paint the Paws”, and the “Purple and Gold Extravaganza” are also giving students a chance to show off their skills.

Chatter can be heard all over campus as students make plans throughout the week. Senior DeAndre Kennedy, a pre-nursing student said, “I’m excited about the home game. I missed the last one, and I feel like it would be pretty cool to attend.” The football game usually a favorite event during Homecoming and there’s always a large turnout at Hanson Field.

Senior Tony King, a fashion merchandising student is also excited for the football game. “I can’t wait to see the school spirit. The football game will be epic! They are doing really well this year,” King excitedly stated. Students are anxiously waiting for the Leathernecks to triumph over South Dakota State University!

The homecoming football game is always a great event. I often think it’s more exciting than regular football games. The massive number of alumni at the game adds to the excitement; there are tons of people cheering in the stands. The alumni bring a sense of pride to the game that is unmatched. Even tailgating is better. There are a lot more people to talk to and hang out with before the game.

Senior Eric Pendleton, a pre- nursing student is looking forward to “all the people that come out to celebrate, especially alumni; they’re great!”  I hope you are just as excited about visiting campus this weekend as the students are to have you here to celebrate with us. I look forward to meeting with as many of you as possible; I will be around the Alumni House Friday night and Saturday morning!  What was your favorite activity during Homecoming when you were a student at Western? 


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