Park It Where?

Western Illinois University Parking Services has followed suit with the rest of the university by making changes to the parking lots on campus. Lance Johnston, the campus parking manager enlightened me on the adjustments that have taken place.

WIU parking lots were modified to accommodate the feedback of parents as well as students. Concerns arose among parents due to the way parking passes were sold. Parking passes were sold on a first come first serve basis for each of the parking lots. Once the parking passes for that lot sold students were then given Q-Lot passes.

The course of the new system is a bit different than the last. Students buy residence hall passes that coincide with the building they live in. If the lot happens to be full, then the option of parking in a Q-Lot is still available. “This way (it) gives more people a chance to get a spot,” explained Johnston.

More Q-Lots were added allowing more spaces for students. “I like seeing full lots,” added Johnston. The lot in front of Higgins Hall has now been labeled as a Q-Lot, since Higgins Hall is not in operation this school year. The lower lot close to Hanson Field affectionately known as “the pit” has also been turned into a Q-Lot, while the west side of the lot still contains meters.

I’ve noticed the amount of motorcyclists have increased on campus as well. So the University added two motorcycle lots. They are located on the East side of the University Union and the other between the Leslie F. Malpass Library and Stipes Hall.  

Students as well as faculty are happy with the way parking is now set up. Where there were headaches in the past, Johnston now shares, “There has not been a single complaint (to the OPS office) which is unbelievable.”

The improvement of parking is just another aspect WIU has changed for students. Parking may not seem like a big deal, but it is. So just know next time you come to campus for a visit, there will be a parking spot waiting for you!



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