Tech Us Out


Western Illinois University has definitely made many notable changes to the Macomb campus. The university is keeping up with the constant changing world, particularly when it comes to technology.

As I walked through campus the other day, I noticed many new gadgets added to the WIU campus. The ones that caught my attention most were the electronic video messaging boards. The boards are similar to electronic billboards you might see while driving on the expressway.

The boards show the current weather (in Macomb) as well as upcoming campus events that students may want to attend. The boards can make a walk to and from class a bit more interesting; not only does it give students and faculty/staff something colorful to look at, but it gives helpful information as well.

The boards are basic enough that you can walk past quickly and read everything that is being displayed without being too distracted! I’m sure bumping into the person walking in front of you because you were trying to read the sign would be very akward! The boards also give the campus a more modern, new-age look. I think the growing technology on campus is a great feature that numerous students will be able to benefit from on a daily basis.

On the opposite side of the electronic board are WIU Success Stories. A featured student or alumnus shares a quick blurb of a WIU achievement. Sharing these small blurbs is a brilliant idea as students walk to class. The student is quoted in text along with a picture of the student.

College can be stressful at times; seeing a success story while walking through campus may be the motivation a student needs to make it through the rest of the day.  Western constantly highlights students who are doing well which provides encouragement to all students to strive to be the best they can be; some day, they can become one of the success stories posted on the other side of the electronic video messaging boards.

I always look forward to seeing what type of technology WIU will present to its students; it’s always a pleasure to know that the administration is thinking of ways to enhance the college experience for all WIU students, both in Macomb and in the Quad Cities..


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